Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I’m exhausted, but so exhilarated from my experience at the Free to Succeed Tour stop that I went to last night in Kansas City! I drove six hours round trip and got home at 2AM and I would do it all again in a heartbeat!!

David Jay and Jasmine Star are such grounded and genuine people as well as being so inspirational and motivating. Both of their stories resonated with me on such a deep level that just thinking about it still brings tears to my eyes. It’s said that joyful tears are God’s way of showing us what our passions are…their stories touched my soul and stirred my long held passion for photography.

From listening to their stories - I felt like something was unlocked in me – giving me permission to explore my beliefs as a photographer and shining a light on the limiting beliefs that others have weighed upon me – I’m sure other photographers have dealt with these too - “You can never make a living with photography,” and “the market is too saturated – there’s no way you can take on enough work to pay your bills,” and my personal favorite “Your photography is a great hobby – just keep your day job for benefits and to pay the bills and do photography on the side.”

During the workshop I felt my (limiting belief) shackles becoming unlocked and DJ and Jasmine were turning the key. I’m so grateful to DJ and Jasmine for K.I.R (Keeping It Real)!

I can’t recommend this workshop enough. If you’re a photographer that feels stuck and those limiting beliefs are getting you down – you need to go – I guarantee you won’t regret it! Oh, and they also give some great tips for improving your business and how to make sure that YOU run your business instead of your BUSINESS running you!

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